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Focus on Compliance and high assurance

New Compliance white paper

Many key industries are subject to rigorous compliance regulations. To help these high-assurance organizations apply Lean-Agile principles and practices to product development, Dr. Steve Mayner, SPCT, has teamed with SAFe Fellow Dr. Harry Koehnemann to author a new white paper, Achieving Regulatory and Industry Standards Compliance with the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®). Download your copy here.

The new white paper is a companion to a recent guidance article written to support the addition of Compliance in SAFe 4.5's Large Solution configuration. You can also find a SAFe webinar on the topic, with Q&A, which can be viewed here.

How SAFe helped Elbit Systems build high-assurance systems involving hardware and mechanical engineering for avionic products

The aerospace division of Elbit Systems Ltd. faced the challenge of synchronization among its more than 1000 engineers from multi-disciplinary professions. The company implemented SAFe to help it grow from a few software teams doing Scrum in isolation to whole solution lines building some of the world’s most advanced systems in concert. To learn more, read the experience report presented by Elbit's Yael Man at Agile2017.

Tooling Partners geared up for SAFe 4.5

Scaled Agile’s tooling partners are integrating SAFe 4.5 into their tooling and application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions to help users visualize, manage, and execute work using the most up-to-date version of the Framework. This month, we are featuring four of our partners who are geared up for SAFe 4.5:
  • AgileCraft has released a new platform, AgileCraft 10X, that comes with full, native support for SAFe 4.5 including configurable settings for Essential SAFe, Portfolio SAFe, Large Solution SAFe, and Full SAFe. Learn more here. 
  • Radus has launched a SAFe 4.5-compliant version of Metronome which supports the Lean learning lifecycle of Hypothesis, Build, Measure, and Learn. Discover how Metronome also integrates 4.5 features like Lean Startup and Lean UX, Scalable DevOps, and Continuous Delivery.
  • VersionOne is providing a centralized environment that simplifies the adoption and implementation of the Framework. It supports the key constructs, practices, and metrics defined by version 4.5 in its SAFe® 4.5 with VersionOne offering. Watch the webinar to learn more.
  • PEDCO has released an upgrade of its flagship tool, Applied SAFe® 4.5, for organizations in high-assurance industries such as automotive, pharma, medical technology, aerospace and defense, transportation, and finance. Learn more here.

Attending the SAFe Summit?
Get the latest demos from our Tooling Partners! 

Many of our Tooling Partners are exhibiting at the SAFe Summit October 4-5. In addition to the Partners mentioned above, you'll have a chance to learn more about SAFe tooling support from IBM, SoftwarePlant, Blueprint, Tricor, and CA Technologies. 

New Lean Portfolio Management article in SAFe 4.5

To help achieve real strategic alignment within an enterprise, SAFe 4.5 made a slight shift from Program Portfolio Management (PPM) to Lean Portfolio Management (LPM). An updated SAFe article discusses how LPM can be considered as a set of collaborations, each with different stakeholders, and each with a specific set of responsibilities. Read the full article here.

Project Management Institute (PMI) webinar

The implications of DevOps for traditional project managers

DevOps is the latest hot topic in software and systems development. In this webinar, SAFe Fellow Richard Knaster and SPCT Joe Vallone provide a basic introduction to DevOps and explore how the rapid growth of DevOps adoption amongst the largest enterprises around the globe will influence the project management profession.

Dave Prior interviews Dean Leffingwell at Agile2017

Learn more about the reasons for including the Implementation Roadmap, DevOps, and Lean Startup in SAFe 4.5

Dean stopped by to chat with LeadingAgile’s Dave Prior in Orlando. In this 30-minute segment they discuss some of the important changes introduced to the Framework with the SAFe 4.5 update.

Intel to reveal how they turned the 'Iron Triangle' on its head

After discovering SAFe in 2013, Intel’s Manufacturing Validation Engineering (MVE) organization has grown Lean-Agile practices at a pace that rivals Moore’s Law. Allen Ringel from Intel will share the Intel journey at the upcoming SAFe Summitexplaining how they were able to achieve these results:

  • Productivity – MVE delivered 65% more products with the same capacity.
  • Quality – It improved Commit-to-Accept ratios from 74% to +90%.
  • Visibility – Everything is visible to everyone.
  • Efficiency – Scope change reduced to less than 5%.

SAFe Foundations

Michael Stump, SPCT
Conference: Dev Ops - Implement and scale Agile with SAFe
Argentina - September 8, 10:00am


Webinar: Improved guidance with the SAFe Implementation Roadmap

Carl Starendal, SPCT
Martin Burns, SPCT, CA Technologies

September 11, 10:00am PDT

Webinar: Take a SAFe L. E. A. P.

Dean Leffingwell, creator of SAFe
Vikas Kapila, SPCT, ASPE Training

September 18, 1:00pm EDT

Webinar: DevOps in the Scaled Agile enterprise: completing the transformation

Dean Leffingwell, creator of SAFe
Marc Rix, ICON Technology Consulting

September 20, 10:00am MDT

Webinar: Foster innovation with SAFe Lean Startup Cycle and Lean UX

Carl Starendal, SPCT
Martin Burns, SPCT, CA Technologies

October 31, 10:00am MDT

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