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New SAFe for government resource portal

Visit your go-to hub for all things SAFe and government. See upcoming events, read comprehensive articles, watch videos, get downloads, access our government team, find a SAFe® for Government course, and learn more about SGP certification.

Find out why SAFe Fellow Dr. Steve Mayner is so excited about this new resource in his blog post.


Introducing the new Lean Enterprise assessment

We all know the advantages of Lean, but how do you know if you’re getting close to becoming a Lean Enterprise? To help you answer this question, we developed a Lean Enterprise assessment.

Check out this new resource which splits each competency into three sub-dimensions that define scoring categories as ‘sit, crawl, walk, run, or fly’ and includes descriptions of what each one might look like.


New course: SAFe® for Architects

We’re on a mission to continually expand the SAFe learning portfolio with guidance, courses, and certification for more roles. Case in point: SAFe® for Architects.

Read the blog to learn more about why we created SAFe® for Architects and check out the full course details below.


Conducting Remote Program Increment Planning: Tips, Tricks and Tools from the Field

Many organizations shy away from scaling agility or conducting robust PI Planning because of remote teams. Scaled Agile Partner Gorilla Logic took on this challenge with one of its clients and saw great success. Read the article to find out how they did it.



TechBeacon article: Why DevOps is not enough

SAFe methodologist Richard Knaster discusses why DevOps alone won't get you safely through a full digital transformation. Building survival skills in today's digital age requires the right combination of leadership, Lean, Agile, and DevOps.  

Weighted Velocity:
An Approach to Addressing the Impact of Planned and Unplanned Leave on Yesterday’s Weather

SAFe Fellow Em Campbell-Pretty puts estimation debates aside to focus on how to help teams and ARTs become more predictable. The idea is to improve their approach to forecasting using velocity, where velocity is defined as the number of story points delivered by a team or train in a sprint or program increment.


Opportunities for Project Managers in the Lean-Agile Enterprise with SAFe

Richard Knaster, SAFe Methodologist
Dr. Steve Mayner, SAFe Fellow
March 5, 1:00pm EST

CONFERENCE, Harrisburg, PA
Agile Lean in Government: Where Are We Now?

Dr. Steve Mayner, SAFe Fellow
March 7, 8:00am and 12:15pm
Agile Lean Summit

MEETUP, Hong Kong
How to create business results with SAFe 

Michael Stump, SAFe Fellow
March 14, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

MEETUP, Shanghai
How to create business results with SAFe

Michael Stump, SAFe Fellow
March 19, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Sheraton Grand Shanghai Pudong Hotel & Residences

CONFERENCE, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Introducing SAFe® 4.6 for Lean Enterprises

Michael Stump, SAFe Fellow
April 18, 12:00pm
Agile Trends 2019

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