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Introducing the SAFe® 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master (ASM) Course

The next step in the SAFe Scrum Master's learning path

Calling all Scrum Masters! The much awaited SAFe® 4.0 Advanced Scrum Master course has been added to Scaled Agile's role-based curriculum offering.This two-day course prepares certified CSMs, PSMs, Scrum Masters, team leads, facilitators, managers, Agile coaches, and process champions for the Advanced Scrum Master role in the SAFe enterprise. The course will enhance their understanding of the Scrum paradigm with an introduction to scalable engineering and DevOps practices, and the application of Kanban to facilitate the flow of value. It will also provide them with a consistent approach to facilitating interactions with architects, product management, and other critical stakeholders in the larger program and enterprise contexts.

ASM public classes are available in multiple cities, including Boulder, Philiadelphia, Santa Clara, Washington, DC, and Atlanta.


SAFe jumps to #2 position in 10th Annual State of Agile Survey

Based on over 3,800 responses, VersionOne's 10th Annual State of Agile Survey confirms that Agile methods deliver tangible benefits and are steadily becoming the default approach to software development, as well as areas outside software. SAFe saw the largest increase in adoption rates—from 19% to 27%—in Scaling Methods and Approaches, making it the second most prevalent scaling method cited by respondents after Scrum. This is good news for SAFe and Scrum, given the Framework's integration of Scrum, and recent introduction of the SAFe ASM course. Make sure to download the survey, as there are a number of other metrics—actual improvements, barriers, globization, etc.—that make it a worthwhile read.


Ovum cites SAFe as factor in naming IBM market leader in Application Lifecycle Management

Congratulations to Scaled Agile Partner, IBM for receiving high marks from Ovum, a leading industry research firm. IBM was called out as a market leader in three areas that are key to creating hybrid cloud environments: DevOps release management, application lifecycle management (ALM), and Agile project management. Regarding ALM, the research firm praised IBM for its support of the Scaled Agile Framework for enterprise agile development at large scale.

Must Read

Agile Contracts & SAFe

With the launch of SAFe 4.0. comes a new Guidance article on Agile Contracts. The new article highlights a “SAFe-Managed Investment Contract” approach which uses SAFe practices, nomenclature, and PIs as-objective-Milestones for contract governance. It provides a more collaborative basis for working with customers and suppliers that improves the overall economic outcomes for both parties.


Shiny Objects and SAFe

Too much WIP on your plate? Read Tom Weinberger’s discussion on how to handle multiple requests from multiple stakeholders within the SAFe discipline.


SAFe Principles Abridged

Those of you practicing in the trenches know how critical the principles are to a successful SAFe implementation. So with that in mind, an abridged view has been provided on the Principles page (at making it easy to quickly brush up and practice your Principles!

Featured Partners

Recorded Webinar: Building Complex Systems with SAFe 4.0

This is a great video for anyone working with large solutions including hundreds or more practitioners per value stream. Alex Yakyma and Harry Koehnemann take a deep dive and discuss the challenges large systems builders face and key approaches for addressing them. They look at the key challenges that make complex systems development so complex, and explore the myths that surround Lean-Agile in a multidisciplinary world that include hardware, firmware and other engineering domains.

Presented by Alex Yakyma, SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant, and Harry Koehnemann, SPCT, Director of Technology, 321 Gang
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SAFe Case Studies
TomTom discusses the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, in a SAFe journey that spans 5 years
HIGHLIGHTS: Reliable and predictable releases of production code / Fail fast: <2 weeks is better than after 6 months / Detect/prevent issues with each new submission / Reduces waste as others stay up to date / Improved transparency and info sharing / Teams establish ways of working & esprit du corps / Improves estimating by allowing historical comparisons / Sustainable development

Mark Your Calendar

US SPC4 Courses

Denver, May 10–13
Seattle, May 10–13
Boston, May 17–20
Chicago, May 17–20
Livingston NJ, May 17–20
Miami, May 17–20
San Diego, May 17–20
Boulder, May 24–27
Herndon, May 24–27
Hartford, June 7–10
Dallas, June 7–10
Richmond, June 7–10
Santa Clara June 14–17
Kansas City, June 14–17
Raleigh, June 14–17
Boston, June 20–24
Boulder June 21–24
Irvine June 28–July 1
Chicago July 12–15
Austin July 12–15
Boulder July 19–22


International SPC4 Courses

Toronto, May 10–13
Hyderabad, May 10–13
Wiesbaden, May 10–13
New Delhi, May 10–13
London, May 17–20
Zurich, May 30–June 2
Bengaluru, May 31–June 3
Edinburgh June 13–16
Melbourne, June 7–10
Stockholm, June 14–17
Auckland, June 21–24
Chennai, June 27–30
Pune, July 5–8
Sydney, July 11–14
Singapore, July 12–15
Munich, July 13–16
Budapest, August 9–12
Copenhagen, August 15–18


Find a SAFe® Advanced Scrum Master
Course in a City Near You

Philadelphia, PA June 1–2

Santa Clara, CA June 8–9

Washington, DC June 14–15

Boulder, CO June 15–16

Atlanta, GA July 20–21

Boulder, CO August 9–10

Boulder, CO August 30–31

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Catch them on the road
Catch them on the road

Alex Yakyma, SAFe Fellow

How to Identify & Coordinate Your Value Streams with SAFe 4.0
Webinar May 11, 11:00am EST Hosted by VersionOne, with Lee Cunningham

Richard Knaster, SAFe Fellow

Ready to get started on your SAFe 4.0 transformation?
Webinar May 20 3:00pm EST, Hosted by IBM with  Amy Silberbauer, SPC

Michael Stump, SAFe Fellow

IT Spring 2016 in Minsk
Leading the Lean-Agile Software or Systems Enterprise with SAFe

May 29, 17:15 /

Steve Mayner, SAFe Sr. Program Consultant

DC Lean Enterprise Meetup - Herndon
Scaling Agile in the Government Space – Common Questions and Uncommon Answers

June 9, 6:00pm EST