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LiveLessons Video:
Leading SAFe 4.0 with Dean Leffingwell

Leading the Lean-Agile Enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework

This just-released video tutorial is based on Scaled Agile's most popular course, Leading SAFe. It provides an in-depth exploration of version 4 of the Framework and how to lead a Lean-Agile transformation by leveraging SAFe and its underlying principles of Lean systems thinking, Agile development, and product development flow. SAFe creator, Dean Leffingwell, leads you through nine key lessons that provide high-level overviews, specifics where you need them most, exercises to test yourself on what you've learned, and clear-cut steps on starting your SAFe transformation journey.
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Essential SAFe 4.0  A Simple View of the Complex Enterprise

What are the minimum subset of practices beyond which SAFe isn't SAFe?

Essential SAFe 4.0 presents the answer to a common question: "What do we have to do to assure SAFe benefits?" The answer, of course, is that it depends. As with any system, implementation of SAFe requires consistency across its collaboration components. Essential SAFe distills the Framework into 9 basic themes: Principles, Leaders, Agile Release Trains, Cadence, Key Events, Planning, Critical Roles, Vision and Backlog, and Architectural Runway. This reveals a simple start towards SAFe success, as well as presenting a basic introduction to SAFe for those just getting started.


New White Paper – SAFe 4.0 Introduction

This white paper distills hundreds of web pages down to just twenty-five, and provides a high-level overview of the Framework, including its values, principles, practices, and strategy for implementation.

This white paper will help to:
  • Educate leaders, managers, and executives about how to apply SAFe for enterprise-class Lean-Agile software development and systems engineering
  • Prepare students in the basics of SAFe prior to taking a course (e.g Implementing SAFe 4.0 with SPC4 certification, Leading SAFe, etc.)
  • Help people understand SAFe in greater detail, especially those who haven't taken a SAFe 4.0 class

Must Read

cPrime supports SAFe in JIRA

cPrime’s JIRA SAFe product blends Atlassian’s ALM Platform with SAFe to develop a tool and process configuration for clients. The JIRA SAFe solution provides a critical component to technology transformation, providing one single ALM tool for all teams, enabling easier training and comprehensive roll-up reporting providing the ability to understand the total cost of ownership. It brings end-to-end visibility of epics, features, and stories and provides a single source of Agile data, reducing the labor needed for reconciling, standardizing and normalizing.



Becoming an SPCT

Radtac's Darren Wilmshurst discusses the road to achieving Scaled Agile's highest certification level, SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT). From his company's decision to become a Scaled Agile Gold Partner, to his own nomination, his story takes you through the highly rigorous standards and field requirements for SPCTs, and the camaraderie and collaboration between fellow SPCT candidates as they endeavor to embrace Agile principles to the core.


SEI Case Study: 2 Week Launch, 3 years later

SEI, a global provider of wealth management solutions with over $684 billion in total involved assets, launched SAFe in two short weeks. They found early results: 20%-25% increase in client satisfaction, reduced code branching from 5-7 on average to a single code branch, and higher business results delivered in a shorter delivery cycle. Three years later, SEI's CIO, Robert F. Crudup, reflects on the long-term success of their SAFe implementation in a recent article.



Too Big to be Agile? Not with the Scaled Agile Framework's Scrum Master, Tim Sorweid, discusses the pre-requisites that you must have in place before you embark on an enterprise transition, and addresses the hurdles that face an enterprise moving to Agile. Pointing to SAFe as a solution for developing application systems and software products in a large enterprise, Sorweid breaks down culture, technical and architectural roadmaps, as well as dependencies, DevOps, tools, and automation in an in-depth discussion of Agile at scale. 



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Scaled Agile PartnersSearch the Scaled Agile Member DirectorySAFe Case StudiesSAFe LinkeInScaled Agile TwitterPledge 1% CampaignScaled Agile Partner SummitSAFe Program ConsultantsScaled Agile FrameworkSAFe
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Seats available - US

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Boulder, July 19-22 

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)
Atlanta, July 20-21

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Fairfax, August 1-4

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master (SASM)
Boulder, August 9-10 

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Boulder, August 23-26 


Seats available - International

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4) with Dean Leffingwell, creator of SAFe
Munich, July 13–16

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Gurgaon, August 8-11 

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Budapest, August 9–12

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Copenhagen, August 15–18

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Bern, November 7-10 


Visit our booth, talk to a SAFe expert, and attend sessions with Dean Leffingwell and our SAFe Fellows

With a full team from Scaled Agile, and 17 (yep, seventeen) Scaled Agile Partners heading to Atlanta, many of the world's most experienced SAFe experts will be gathered together under one roof. It's your chance to ask questions, get answers, share field stories, and get the help you need to successfully implement SAFe. Whether it's training and certification, consulting, or SAFe tooling and platform support, we'll be happy to guide you to the right resource.

Agile2016 Scaled Agile Speaking Sessions

Building Large, Mission Critical Software and Systems with SAFe 4.0
with Dean Leffingwell, SAFe Founder and Chief Methodologist 
Monday, July 25 3:45pm

The Four Fictional Faces of Scaled Stakeholder Management
with Drew Jemilo, Co-Founder and SAFe Fellow
Tuesday, July 26 3:45 pm

Value Points: Maximizing Digital Services ROI Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis
with Stephen Mayner, SPC and Principal Consultant
Wednesday, July 27 3:45 pm

Lean-Agile Development for Large Enterprises: Adding Hardware to the Mix
with Alex Yakyma, SAFe Fellow
Thursday, July 28 10:45am

AstraZeneca: Agile Transformation That Was Taught, Not Caught
with Michael Stump, SAFe Fellow
Thursday, July 28 2:00pm


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