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Upcoming SAFe Summit generating enthusiastic response worldwide

Inaugural Summit will sell out - don't miss your chance to attend the biggest SAFe event of the year!

Thanks to everyone who registered, we’re excited to welcome a capacity audience in Colorado in less than five week's time. If you haven't already registered, act quickly because there are just a few spots left.

Visit the Summit website, safesummit2016.com, to register and learn more about the info-packed agenda.

Partners, don't forget to register for Partner Day at the Summit. Also, there are just a few exhibitor spaces remaining, so act quickly if you want to exhibit.
Must Read

The Elusive Agile Enterprise: 5 Leading Experts Tell You How to Get it Done

This is a great read if you ever find yourself having to explain the benefits of agility at scale to a skeptical front office. Dean Leffingwell joins four other experts to opine on the issues business leaders and PMOs face when considering Agile.


CIO.com article:
Slimming Down with Essential SAFe

In this CIO.com article, seasoned Agilist, Michael Dougherty, looks at Essential SAFe as a great first step to improving scaled delivery if your organization has not attempted it at all, or attempted and encountered too many obstacles.

"There's no shortcut for training and getting a full delivery commitment, but at least there is a 'quick start' approach to rolling out Essential SAFe and embarking on Agile Release Trains."



SAFe and Kanban: Why They’re Better Together

With the release of SAFe 4.0, Kanban is now a first class citizen and integrated at all levels of the Big Picture. LeanKit's Ajay Reddy points out that the much wider inclusion of Kanban in SAFe is a significant step forward, but unless your organization has a wider understanding of the change management properties of a well-organized Kanban system, this could remain an untapped opportunity. This article addresses multiple areas where Kanban can be leveraged effectively within SAFe.


Use Prototyping to Maximize UX Efficiency in SAFe

UX Designer Dan DiCiuccio discusses rapid prototyping in the latest evolution of SAFe, and how this practice can be used from within a feature team of a SAFe construct. Topics include: When to Implement, Setting Up a Test, Running a Test, Testing Prototypes, and Synthesizing the Results.



Must Read

‪Dean Leffingwell on managing value streams over projects

In this short but impactful 4-minute video, Dean Leffingwell explains why it is critical to manage value streams over projects and how cost accounting fits in. Learn how managing value streams enables you to deliver more value to your customers. Courtesy of Gold Partner, VersionOne.


Great for newbies! Guided video tour through the SAFe Big Picture

SPCT Armond Mehrabian created a playlist of 5-minute videos that takes you through the various aspects of the SAFe Big Picture. He is starting with the levels, then moving onto the roles and backlogs. To date, there are three episodes covering an overview, the roles at the Program level, and the roles at the Portfolio level. Bookmark this resource for introducing SAFe to the uninitiated.

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Swisscom blazes past the competition with SAFe

It usually takes about 36 months to bring a new TV platform to market but we had a minimally viable product in 8-10 months and brought the full product to market in 18 months.”
Simon Berg, Agile Program Manager, Swisscom Entertainment Projects

When Swisscom initiated plans to bring a new IPTV offering to the market, they knew they had to find a way to get to MVP ahead of their competition who was building a similar product. Thanks to Agile development practices with SAFe and a new level of collaboration between business and IT, the Engineering group at Swisscom Entertainment achieved the feat in half the time of typical projects, with a small but nimble team.


Amdocs uses gamifcation to increase acceptance and wins the ultimate prize: faster delivery times and delighted customers

Our time-to-value has gone down using the SAFe process. If reaching production would normally take 1½ years, now it could be eight months with the new processes and approach.
Hrishikesh Karekar, Lead Agile Coach, amdocs

IT powerhouse, amdocs, selected SAFe because they needed to roll out Agile practices quickly at various levels of the organization, and the Framework provided the most robust guidance. They applied some creative tactics to take Agile from theory to reality, and their efforts led to some dramatic results, including reducing idea to production time from 1.5 years to 8 months.

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Seats available - US

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Boulder, October 18–21

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Pittsburgh, October 18–21

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Raleigh-Durham, November 1–4

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Boulder, November 15–18

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Herndon, November 15–18


Seats available - International

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Zurich, November 7–10

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Frankfurt, November 21–24

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Singapore, January 10–13

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Copenhagen, January 24–27

Implementing SAFe 4.0 (SPC4)
Amsterdam, February 14–17


Francis Kelly, VP of Partner Dev./Enterprise Sales

Conference: Agile Singapore
6 Fixes to UnSAFe Starts
October 6–7

Agile Singapore Social - October 5, 6:00–8:00pm

In conjunction with Agile Singapore, Scaled Agile is hosting a reception where you can meet with Chris James, Scaled Agile President, and Francis Kelly to discuss updates on SAFe and local partnerships to support SAFe in the ASEAN region.


Steve Mayner, SAFe Sr. Program Consultant

Conference: DevOps Enterprise Summit - San Francisco
The Secret Weapon in the DevOps Adoption Battle
November 9, 2:20pm

Drew Jemilo, SAFe Fellow and Principal Consultant

Conference: ScaledConf - Chicago
The Four Fictional Faces of Scaled Stakeholder Management
November 7, 3:30pm REGISTER HERE

Conference: ScaledConf - Chicago
Be SAFe with Principles, People, and Practices
November 8, 10:30am REGISTER HERE
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