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11th Annual State of Agile Report: 
SAFe #1 in Scaling Methods and Approaches

Enterprise agility is increasing, DevOps is growing fast

VersionOne's State of Agile Report is the largest, longest running, most widely cited Agile survey in the world. The 11th annual report includes insights on the most used Agile tools, Agile maturity in organizations across the world, and challenges faced when scaling Agile.

The survey places SAFe as the most popular scaling method. This represents a decisive milestone for the Framework and the 120,000+ practitioners who are getting results by following the mindset, principles, and practices for scaling Lean-Agile development.


New course unveiled: SAFe® 4.0 Release Train Engineer with RTE Certification

Until now, there has been no formal training for RTEs working in a SAFe enterprise, while the demand—as seen on job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor—has been skyrocketing. Our newest course, SAFe 4.0 Release Train Engineer Course with RTE Certification, meets that demand and empowers RTE to facilitate end-to-end delivery in the enterprise.

Public classes are being held in multiple cities including Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Cincinnati, London, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Jose, and more. Private and onsite classes are offered through Scaled Agile’s Gold SPCT Partners and Scaled Agile, Inc.

Must Read

Hot Topic: Scalable DevOps and Continuous Delivery with SAFe


Dean Leffingwell shares a new CALMR approach

DevOps and Continuous Delivery are all the rage these days. And why wouldn’t it be? What good does it do to be Agile right up to the point where you can’t actually release the software?
 In this latest recorded webinar from Gold Partner VersionOne, Dean Leffingwell describes how a CALMR approach — Culture, Automation, Lean-Flow, Measurement, and Recovery — to scaling DevOps and Continuous Delivery creates the foundation teams need to release value on demand.

You'll learn how the practices and mechanisms of continuous exploration, continuous integration, and continuous deployment work in concert to build an efficient Continuous Delivery Pipeline. 

Dean reviews existing SAFe DevOps content and previews new content making its way into SAFe guidance and likely future versions of the Framework.



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Mark Your Calendar

The final installment in the story of the 6-day SAFe Quickstart


Learn about this powerful way to accelerate an ART Launch

Em Campbell-Pretty's blog was named by Capterra as one of “The 58 Most Insanely Useful Project Management Blogs." We couldn't agree more. Author of the best-selling book, Tribal UnityEm has long been a thought leader in the Lean-Agile space. Her latest post focuses on accelerating an ART Launch with self-selecting teams in a 6-day SAFe Quickstart. If your organization is new to SAFe or Agile, the insights in this article will be especially useful. 


Right-sizing Features for SAFe Program Increments


How to handle Features that are too big to deliver in one PI

Chief Scientist, Ian Spence, and Principal Consultant, Keith de Mondonca—our friends from Gold Partner Ivar Jacobson—share their experiences in slicing Features, one of the key activities that will help make your SAFe program a success. And, in tribute to Richard Lawrence and his popular Story Splitting poster, they provide you with a complementary Feature Slicing poster for you to use in your SAFe program.

Mark Your Calendar

Richard Knaster, SAFe Fellow

WEBINAR: Built-In Quality With Test First
Co-presenter: Al Shalloway, SPC and CEO Net Objectives

May 9: 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT REGISTER HERE

Michael Stump, SAFe Fellow

MEETUP: Mexico City, What is SAFe?
May 15: 7:00pm REGISTER HERE

Dr. Steve Mayner, SPCT and Senior Consultant

INCOSE Healthcare Working Group - Schaumberg, IL
Leadership: Beating the Odds of OCM Failure in Agile and DevOps Transformations

May: 16 - 17  REGISTER HERE

Dean Leffingwell, creator of SAFe

Agile Mile High Conference - Denver 
Keynote: 10 Essential Scaling Practices We Can (probably) All Agree On

May 23: 12:00pm MST REGISTER HERE

Joe Vallone, SPCT and Senior Consultant

IASA Conference 
Can Agile and Waterfall Co-Exist?                            
June 5: 3:30pm - 5:00pm EDT REGISTER HERE

Dr. Steve Mayner, SPCT and Senior Consultant

DevOps Enterprise Summit - London
Transformational Leadership: What Every DevOps Leader Needs to Know

June 6: 11:50am - 12:15pm EDT REGISTER HERE
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